Study Coordinator

Midwife Hanna Nyström
Midwife Hanna NyströmStudy Coordinator

Hanna Nyström is a midwife who has worked for 15 years with childbirth, labour ward, postnatal care in the home and maternity clinic care. Hanna plays a central role in the Northpop study and she is the person you will meet at the specialist maternity clinic when you go for your routine ultrasound examination. Hanna can answer all your questions about Northpop and you are very welcome to contact her.

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Study personnel

The planning of the Northpop study has been underway since 2012; there have been numerous ideas and many discussions about logistics. During the last two years, the study has taken on its final form and at the moment the planning group consists of researchers, study coordinator, quality coordinator, biomedical analyst, IT project manager, dietician and an administrator.

Now that this big ship is about to be launched, the planning group hopes that the month of May will fill the Northpop sails with tailwind! Welcome aboard!

Tove Mårs, Carina Lagerqvist, Gerd Johansson, Christina West, Magnus Domellöf, Hanna Nyström, Inger Öhlund, Jan Rundström.