All children in Västerbotten County are at 3 years of age called to visit the Public Dental Service. Their teeth are checked by a dentist and parents and children are given information on how to best look after their teeth.

In a sub study of NorthPop, children, together with their mums, have been examined.

The children’s 3-years saliva sample has been taken at the Public Dental Service and test material has been handed out for the faeces sample.

The mums have also had the opportunity to participate in a sub study on taste. The sub study will continue during spring 2020. NorthPop children born during January to June and who will turn 3 years during 2020 will be called to the Public Dental Service where also the saliva sample for NorthPop will be taken. Ahead of your visit you will have information sent home so you can prepare!

Our hope is that the Public Dental Service, even after June 2020, will want to continue the cooperation with us in NorthPop and take care of the 3-years samples as well as hand out material.