Meet the research team!

Hanna Nyström
Hanna NyströmStudy coordinator/Midwife
Hanna Nyström is a midwife who has worked for 15 years with childbirth, labour ward, postnatal care in the home and maternity clinic care. She has been responsible for breastfeeding at the women’s clinic and has had a passion for caring as far back as she can remember. Her vision for Northpop is that it will help to improve child health in Västerbotten which will then in turn result in improvements for all children in Sweden.

Contact Hanna by calling 072-245 45 57 or send an email to

Magnus Domellöf
Magnus DomellöfProfessor/Paediatrician
Magnus Domellöf is professor and head of unit for Paediatrics at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Umeå University. He is also a senior consultant at the Child and Youth Clinic, University Hospital of Umeå, where he works at the Barn 4 neonatal ward and takes care of unwell newborns.

He is an internationally renowned researcher. One of his areas of research is child nutrition (feeding) and the role that plays for the child’s health and development later on in life.

Christina West
Christina WestDocent/Paediatrician
Senior consultant Christina West is a docent in paediatrics. She is responsible for child and youth allergology in Västerbotten. Her research focuses on how the early composition of bacteria and diet and dietary factors affect the immune system and the risk of disease.

The goal is to find effective, preventive strategies to slow down the epidemic of modern lifestyle diseases such as allergy illnesses. To achieve that goal, Christina is collaborating with other research teams in international networks.

Sven-Arne Silfverdal
Sven-Arne SilfverdalDocent/Paediatrician
Docent Sven-Arne Silfverdal is a senior consultant in child healthcare in Västerbotten. He has focused most of his research on vaccination studies and searching for risk and health factors for infectious diseases. His work and knowledge about how to prevent disease and ill health among children and youth have been widely spread, from Västerbotten to the Central African Republic.

The research that is closest to Sven-Arne’s heart is the research that showed the importance of breastfeeding for protection against and the reduction of the risk of infectious diseases and improved immunity response after vaccination.

Inger Öhlund
Inger ÖhlundCertified dietician, PhD.
Inger Öhlund, PhD, is a certified child dietician. She works with children who have different diseases or conditions where food is used as a form of treatment or to improve their growth, development or rectify any nutritional deficiencies.

Inger’s research has focused primarily on how children’s food and intake of nutrition affect health from different perspectives such as blood fats, growth and body composition, vitamin and iron status. The focus at the moment is on how much Vitamin D children in Sweden need to avoid a state of deficiency.

Ingers forskning har främst handlat om hur barnens mat och näringsintag påverkar hälsan ur olika aspekter som blodfetter, tillväxt och kroppssammansättning, vitamin och järnstatus. Just nu är fokus på hur mycket D-vitamin som barn i Sverige behöver för att undvika bristtillstånd.

Ingrid Mogren
Ingrid MogrenProfessor/Obstetrician
Professor Ingrid Mogren is an obstetrician, that is, a gynaecologist who is specialised in pregnancy and childbirth. As a clinically active doctor, Ingrid Mogren works primarily in specialist maternity care, labour care and prenatal diagnosis. Her research has focused primarily on incidents and complications during pregnancy and their effects on both the mother’s and the child’s health. Ingrid Mogren is involved with the Pregnancy Register/maternity healthcare.

Ingrid is leading research projects in Sweden and is responsible for research projects in Vietnam, Tanzania, Rwanda, Australia and Norway.