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First baby born in Västerbotten 2018 was a NORTHPOP baby!

Congratulations to Camilla Rönnberg and Niklas Berg who 02.38 1/1/2018 had a baby girl! Read more in the Norran article: http://norran.se/plus/nyheter/hon-blev-arets-forsta-vasterbottning-2018-953288


Christmas pictures from our participants!

We sent out a request earlier in December asking for Christmas pictures from all participants in our study. The response we got was amazing! Thank you to all of you that sent in your photos! We have put together a little collage below. MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Bowel bacteria and obesity

Most of us know that there are lots of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. But what many do not know is that these bacteria weigh 1 to 2 kg and have about one hundred times more genes than one person! They are of great importance to our well-being, health and are proposed to reduce the [...]


1000 babies now part of the Northpop study!

We now have 1000 babies born and over 1300 families participating in the Northpop study! A big thank you goes out to the team and all the parents that make this study possible!  


Being overweight increasingly common in the world

Excess weight and obesity during childhood is associated with great risks to future health. Body mass index (BMI, which is the weight in kg divided by the square of the height in cm) is a common measure of excess weight and obesity even though normal values for children are different from those of adults. A summary of the situation [...]


Seinäjoko model to combat obesity in children and adolescents

We often read reports of obesity and overweight increasing worldwide and that these trends are hard to reverse. We are therefore pleased to learn that there are examples of public health projects that have managed to reverse this trend. In Läkartididningen nr 37 there is a report from the city of Seinäjoki in southern Ostrobothnia. They have, by encouraging students to [...]


Small children have accidents – often their teeth are affected

One of the most common accidents to occur to small children is that they fall and hit their teeth. Mostly at 1-2 years of age when they first learn to go and start climbing. Statistics show that games, sports, fights and traffic are where most accidents occur among children and adolescents. Among the youngest children [...]


We have now reached 1000 participants!

The Northpop study now has 1000 registered participants. Thank you to all the parents and happy Midsummer!


The Northpop study in the magazine Allergia

The Northpop study was highlighted in the Swedish magazine Allergia (link to article), where the researcher Christina West and the midwife Hanna Nyström participated in the magazine. The article was written by Yvonne Rittvall.


Northpop study at Fråga doktorn

On the 7th of November 2016, the Northpop study was published at the television program "Fråga doktorn". Click here to see the program. It starts at 8:27.