Hi Fanny!


What is your background?
I graduated as a nurse in summer 2015 and then started working at an infection clinic in Stockholm. Two years later I started studying to become a doctor in Umeå. During this time I have also worked at the A&E at Umeå University Hospital and now I’m working extra with the ambulance service. During the summers my main focus is on my assignment as a doctoral candidate within NorthPop!

What do you do within the NorthPop study?
As a doctoral candidate I have the luxury of trying out research early. This summer I’ll be looking at whether the use of antibiotics by the pregnant mother and the newborn child affects the bacterial flora and subsequent development of asthma and allergies. In addition to this I will be informing and inviting expecting parents to join the NorthPop study.

How would you describe yourself?
Curious and thirsty for knowledge! That is maybe why I’ll be at school until by 30th birthday… Besides, the medical profession is one large education where you never really feel finished, not to mention the endless possibilities within research. I think it will suit a restless soul like mine perfectly 🙂 I also hope others perceive me as happy and kind, certainly among two of the most important qualities one can possess.

Anything interesting about yourself you want to share with us?
On 1 June I run my second marathon in Stockholm and hope to make it all the way to the stadium and the medal. Maybe one of the thousands of NorthPop participants will be there in the starting group with me?