Meet our colleague Suad!

Hi Suad!


What is your background?
In my home country I studied to become an administrator, and when I moved to Sweden I started studying Swedish at Folkuniverstitetet ‘The Short Route’ and now I have a job as an administrator for Umeå University.

What do you do within the NorthPop study?
Within NorthPop my duties include archiving of referrals and delivery notes, packing sample materials for participants of the study to be able to take tests at home as well as registering incoming samples.

How would you describe yourself?
Happy and helpful. I continue to develop my working knowledge through learning more about the Swedish language and way of working as well as getting to know the culture and traditions

Anything interesting about yourself you want to share with us?
I am very sociable and like to meet new people. I have a husband and three children and we always come up with different things to do together.

NorthPop Workshop 2019!

A big thanks to everyone who participated in our workshop on Tuesday! There were fantastic presentations followed by very interesting discussions in the afternoon. It was clearly felt how this workshop helps strengthen current collaborations as well as create foundations for future exciting collaborations. See you again next year!

Meet our colleague Fanny!

Hi Fanny!


What is your background?
I graduated as a nurse in summer 2015 and then started working at an infection clinic in Stockholm. Two years later I started studying to become a doctor in Umeå. During this time I have also worked at the A&E at Umeå University Hospital and now I’m working extra with the ambulance service. During the summers my main focus is on my assignment as a doctoral candidate within NorthPop!

What do you do within the NorthPop study?
As a doctoral candidate I have the luxury of trying out research early. This summer I’ll be looking at whether the use of antibiotics by the pregnant mother and the newborn child affects the bacterial flora and subsequent development of asthma and allergies. In addition to this I will be informing and inviting expecting parents to join the NorthPop study.

How would you describe yourself?
Curious and thirsty for knowledge! That is maybe why I’ll be at school until by 30th birthday… Besides, the medical profession is one large education where you never really feel finished, not to mention the endless possibilities within research. I think it will suit a restless soul like mine perfectly 🙂 I also hope others perceive me as happy and kind, certainly among two of the most important qualities one can possess.

Anything interesting about yourself you want to share with us?
On 1 June I run my second marathon in Stockholm and hope to make it all the way to the stadium and the medal. Maybe one of the thousands of NorthPop participants will be there in the starting group with me?

Meet our colleague Ingela!

Hi Ingela!


What is your background?
I started out working within cardiac care but the last 20 years I have been working as a midwife in the maternity unit at Norrland University Hospital (NUS).

What do you do within the NorthPop study?
I principally work with inviting expecting parents to join the NorthPop study and registering those interested. 

How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as a kind and thoughtful person. I find it quite hard to say no which is not always to my benefit.

Anything interesting about yourself you want to share with us?
As a mother of 5 children I have over the years developed my ability to do several things at the same time. This is a quality I derive much joy and satisfaction from, both at home and at work.

Meet our colleague Charlotte!

Hi Charlotte!

What is your background? 

I am a midwife and a paediatric nurse and have worked with obstetric care, in the delivery room and I am currently based at the neonatal intensive care unit where we care for sick newborn children.

What do you do within the NorthPop study?
For NorthPop I work with informing expecting parents about the study and inviting them to join.

How would you describe yourself?
I hope that honesty, sensitivity and a good sense of humour are all associated with me!

Anything interesting about yourself you want to share with us?  
I am born and raised on the island of Öland! Exercise in lots of different ways provide me with energy!

Meet our colleague Ida!

Hi Ida!

What is your background?
Before I started working with NorthPop about a year ago, I worked as a journalist for 10 years, and interesting and exciting job. But after a ‘30-year old crisis’ I chose to change both my career and where I lived which resulted in dietary studies here in Umeå, followed by a job for NorthPop.

What do you do within the NorthPop study?
I mostly work with inviting participants to join the study, and collection of samples. When expecting parents come to the antenatal care specialist services for their routine ultrasound, I am one of the employees present who will inform them about the NorthPop study. I have had close to 1000 (!) wonderful and fun conversations with expecting parents!

How would you describe yourself?
As a fast-talking northerner. Which is often pointed out as a strange combination. I am a mother of two children who love the festive public holidays; Easter eggs, Christmas soda, dancing around the may pole – and everything in-between.

Anything interesting about yourself you want to share with us?
Despite by career and education I am not a particularly big fan of cooking; though I love to bake! Sourdough breads, cinnamon buns, biscuits and cakes, as well as more healthy baked goods. My freezer is always full!

Meet our new colleague Tobias

Hi Tobias!

When did you start working here and what did you do before you joined us at NorthPop?
I started working for NorthPop during autumn 2018. Before that I was studying to become a dietitian at the university, which I am also still doing.

What are your main tasks within NorthPop?
I work with informing and inviting participants to join the NorthPop study, as well as driving around to the different childcare centers in the local area to collect samples for the study that participants have handed in.

What is your background? Any specific interest in NorthPop?
I heard about NorthPop when I was working at the paediatric unit as part of my degree studies. What really caught my interest was that they (among other things) are investigating how what children eat can affect their health and wellbeing. This sounded very interesting to me as I am studying to become a dietitian and also something I am likely to come in contact with in my future career.

How would you describe yourself?
A happy, fun-loving guy from Blekinge with an interest in food and exercise.


Meet our new colleague!

We would like to welcome Katrine Lundgren to our team!

Katrine is currently finishing up with her studies to become a doctor, and will be doing her dissertation here with us in NorthPop this autumn. She will be looking at data from the NorthPop project and investigating if there are any differences in health between breastfed children and children that have been given infant formula. She finds this especially interesting since she herself has one child which was not nursed and another which was nursed.

Katrine has 10 years experience as a dentist, primarily within folktandvården but also dentalcare for children and within hospitals. She is mother to an extremely premature child and her youngest child is participating in the study. Katrine has a big interest in children’s development and health.

“With child number two it felt right to participate in NorthPop as a family in order to in some way contribute to the development of knowledge in this field. Without research we would not have received the incredible care that we have today and it feels especially important to me personally because I am so greatful for the care we received at NUS when our children were born.”

Katrine describes herself as a doer and an optimistic ‘skogsmulle’. She is an enthusiastic second-hand shopper, climbed Mont Blanc and has skied on the Kola Peninsula!

Welcome Katrine!

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